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At Better Health Naturally we know this: an ounce of prevention is worth way, way more than a pound of cure. We also know that life throws curve balls at us…but our bodies are miraculous and if cared for and nurtured they can Become Healthy… BE Healthy… and Stay Healthy… for many, many exciting years.

Do more than save your money for your retirement… Save Your Health! Without your health retirement is… stressful… a dream gone wrong… and quite often, all the money in the world is not enough to buy you your health back.

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Emulin is the world’s first patented and natural carbohydrate manager. Emulin works by binding to and up-regulating and down-regulating enzymes at critical control points associated with carbohydrate metabolism. Without Emulin the body recognizes excess glucose from carbohydrates as a poison, resulting in constant chronic low-grade inflammation. This in many individuals leads to several inflammatory linked diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis and asthma. Emulin also addresses insulin resistance which is the underlying cause of Type II diabetes and helps to normalize blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition, the components of Emulin work to inhibit an over-reactive inflammatory system by down-regulating a critical key enzyme responsible for the inflammatory cascade.

The side effects are…. assistance to the body to give it the tools it needs to normalize crohn’s, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome and all other inflammatory based diseases. Thus, Emulin not only corrects the problem at its source, it also manages the downstream effects.

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Ellen Vannin Skin Cream

Ellen Vannin Cream was developed by a Canadian nurse working with cancer patients for treatment of radiation burns. When this nurse died at 90+, she had no wrinkles. This nurse was also a chain smoker– even carried a beanbag ashtray with her all of the time. SHE HAD NO WRINKLES! Talk about Anti Aging!! This may be her genetic make-up, but then again she also used this cream daily.

This amazing cream was soon found to work on many different maladies: cuts and scars; bed sores, burns of all types; skin wrinkles and aging; diaper rashes; cold sores (aka herpes); skin infections, poison ivy, skin cancer, split heels, dry hands and much more. Truly more than an Anti Aging miracle!!



Trasan – Chemical Free Cleaning

It was the remarkable phenomenon of a water-only dampened cloth cleaning mirrors and windows without streaking that got our attention. Then it was the easy removal of kitchen grease and grime, soap film and hard water mineral deposits in the bath, and, finally, spots on carpeting that made us believers. Chemical Free Cleaning!!

Continued testing led us to the marvelous realization that we had discovered a technology and a product of tremendous value. Wherever we demonstrated this Swedish “miracle cloth” — made of microfiber — the response was invariably, “Where can I get one?”

Within days of using the cloth, our initial contacts were calling us back, asking for more. Their parents, children, close friends, co-workers, etc. wanted a cloth, too. The demand was there, and the chief reason—the outstanding performance and amazing versatility of this product. The miracle cloth provided a simple, but revolutionary solution to the age-old problem of how to clean a seemingly endless list of objects and surfaces. Truly remarkable Chemical Free Cleaning.

And the solution did not involve chemicals. Chemical Free Cleaning!!!